Alumni-Club Nordamerika: Ambassador Joachim Rücker – Sustainable City Development

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09.06.2021, 12:00 - 13:00 Uhr


To combat the global climate crisis, we will need to build smarter, more sustainable cities. At the same time, stressors such as poverty, violent conflicts and resource depletion will lead to larger numbers of people migrating to look for better livelihoods in large cities. How can we develop rapid, sustainable urbanization strategies that take into account the economic and humanitarian needs of these shifting populations?

Friends of Freiburg is pleased to host Ambassador (ret.) Joachim Rücker, former President of the UN Human Rights Council and current Chair of the Sustainable Development Zones (SDZ) Alliance. Amb. Rücker will speak about the SDZ Alliance’s work across the globe with governments and local communities seeking to develop zone-based solutions to migration and urbanization. He will touch on the legal and economic challenges that local city governments face to meet these changes, and the broader role that SDZs can play in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Wednesday, June 9 at 12.00 PM EDT | 18.00 PM CET
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About the speaker:
Joachim Rücker is an economist, teaching macroeconomics at HFWU/Germany, an independent consultant and a former Ambassador of Germany. Until 2017, he was also the Special Representative of the Federal Government for the Middle East Stability Partnership. Previous positions include Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, President of the UN Human Rights Council, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Kosovo and Inspector-General of the German Foreign Office. For almost a decade, Joachim Rücker served as Mayor of the industrial city of Sindelfingen. Rücker received his PhD in economics from the University of Freiburg.