Our Donors 2019

Dear donor,

Thank you very much for your support in 2019! Many of you have donated to us and our causes on a regular basis for many years – while others supported us for the first time this year.
Your involvement in the funding projects of Alumni Freiburg e.V. has grown with each passing year. We can therefore support even more students than before with your funding again this year.
To demonstrate that this involvement is the collective success of many and to encourage other alumni to have a part in it as well, you have given us your consent to post your name here on our online donor recognition plaques. At the same time, we would like to thank you in the name of the students benefiting from your donations, who understand them both as recognition of their academic achievements and as additional motivation for the future.


Prof. Dr. Gerd Altrogge

Dr. Manfred Benzing

Dr. Dieter Beuler

Prof. Dr. Karl-Otto Bischoff

Prof. Dr. Karl Walter Bock

Dr. Tanja Böhme

Dr. Catherine Böhme

Dr. Heinrich Breit

Anja Buggle

Dr. Hanspeter Fischer

Dr. Conrad Gast

Benjamin Gerig

Dr. Thomas Goege

Dr. Horst Gräter

Dr. Hans M. Grueter

Dr. Hermann Hein

Dr. Babara Hübers

Prof. Dr. Lutz Jaeger

Dr. Christian Jenter

Dr. Gertrud Keil

Egon Kochanke

Prof. Dr. Achim Krämer

Valdo Lehari Jr.

Dr. Joachim Leube

Dr. Jochen Lupp

Dr. Bernhard Mauser

Klaus Meckle

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Neuhäuser

Dr. Jutta Odewald

Dr. Jens Odewald

Christian Otto

Dr. Irmgard Pöppel

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Christoph Reidemeister

Marius Schwabenland

Dr. Angelica Schwall-Düren

Dr. Uta Schwind

Josef Seiler

Dr. Georg Sender

Ingrid Stanicki

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Tägtmeyer

Dr. Brigitte Weiniger-Lange

Mechthild Welker-Altegoer

Dr. Günter Welker-Altegoer

Helmut Weygandt

Eugen Widmeier

Dr. Michael Wiesmeier

Frank Wiehler

Prof. Dr. Detlef Winter

As well as many donors who do not want to be named.