Guidelines on Applying for Funding

Information for Applicants

The booster association Alumni Freiburg e.V. provides funding to students and student groups at the University of Freiburg.

  • You must submit your application to the alumni representative of your faculty ( The representative evaluates whether the project/application is worthy of funding and passes it on to Alumni Freiburg e.V. in the case of a positive evaluation. There are different application forms for field trip grants, travel grants, and student groups with and without faculty affiliation. If you wish to apply for funding but are not affiliated with a faculty, please address an application providing the same information to Mr. Dreier.
  • Applications must conform to the general purposes of the booster association’s Articles of Association. The association’s board of directors is responsible for evaluating and approving them.
  • Students submitting applications should include a brief explanation of the purpose the project is to serve within the context of their studies. The application must also include a concrete description of the project. The persons assessing the application also need a detailed cost and financial plan (including cost estimates) that clearly identifies any funding from other sources.
  • Professors submitting applications should, especially in the case of field trips, include an explanation of the purpose the project is to serve within the context of their teaching or research. The application must also include a project plan with a list of participants. In addition, it must include a letter from the applicant’s department detailing any of the department’s own funds that will be used for the project.
  • Applicants must provide their full address, telephone number, email address, and bank account details.
  • Applicants are under an obligation to provide the booster association with a simple report on expenditure of funds (statement of accounts with bills and receipts) as well as a concise report (of approx. 1 DIN A4 page in length) with photos for publication upon completion of the project. The report should be suitable for posting on the booster association’s website, in the alumni newsletter, and on the alumni blog. The rights to images must be settled beforehand, and the format in which they are submitted must meet our specifications.
  • Applicants should be prepared to present funded projects during one of the booster association’s general assembly meetings.
  • Applications must be received by the booster association Alumni Freiburg e.V. by 31 October of each year. No more applications for the current year can be accepted after this date.

Please select the appropriate application form below to apply for funding:

Form for field trip grants

Form for travel grants

Form for student groups with faculty affiliation

Form for student groups without faculty affiliation