5. Starting Scholarship

Overcoming Obstacles – the Starting Scholarship

If you think back on the beginning of your studies, you’ll remember how exciting and new everything was. A great deal of independence, personal responsibility, and organizational talent are called for from one day to the next. Some students are certainly happy to rely on backing and support from their parents from time to time.

However, not all beginning students are fortunate enough to have this option. Those whose parents did not go to college, who live in difficult financial circumstances, or who are coping with individual difficulties have an even harder time acclimatizing to their new life as students and making ends meet. The Student Service Center and the Studierendenwerk can help these students find the right advising services and funding programs for their needs.

However, it can take several weeks to receive approval for and funding from these programs, such as BAföG. In the meantime, applicants need to find a way to tide themselves over. Indeed, this waiting period even leads some students to drop out. With the Starting Scholarship program, the University of Freiburg aims to prevent this from happening.

The Starting Scholarship steps in for a maximum of six months to close funding gaps quickly and with a minimum of bureaucracy. With your donation, you make a contribution to equal opportunities and make it easier for students who need your help to get their studies off to a good start.

Article on the starting scholarship in the new issue of uni’alumni: http://www.pr2.uni-freiburg.de/publikationen/unialumni/unialumni-2020/#18